Massage Therapy

Massage is Beneficial for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Promote Deep Relaxation & Improve Sense of Well Being

Relieve Muscle Tension & Stiffnes

Release Toxins & Cleanse the System

Our massage therapy is designed to help alleviate the stress in your body that has been built up from everyday life.

Our licensed massage therapists will work on every muscle in your body to put you back into a harmonious state once again. Receiving regular massages is beneficial in treating a wide range of conditions, including muscle spasms and pain, soreness from injury and headaches. Massage works to relieve pain in a number of ways: by promoting muscle relaxation; by increasing lymphatic circulation, and thereby reducing inflammation; by breaking up scar tissue and adhesions; by promoting blood flow through the muscles; and by promoting drainage of sinus fluids. It also helps to flush numerous toxins from your body. Since massage may not be advisable for everyone it is important to check with a chiropractic physician before receiving deep muscle massage.

Gainesville Med Spa offers a variety of massage therapies suitable for everyone (including expecting mothers to be). Each is based on a different theory and utilizes specific techniques. Massages are available by the minute, so the length is up to you! Massage sessions are available 7 days a week! Regular massages will allow you to become much more relaxed and pain free throughout your daily routine. Massage therapy can truly benefit you regular chiropractic visits and routine.

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Rapid Relief Massage - 30 minutes - $49

Experience relaxation and stress relief even with your busy schedule. Massage applied to the muscles of your upper body, neck, upper and lower back, and arms will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.

Speciality Full Body Massage - 60 minutes - $69

Revitalize and rejuvenate with a customized full body massage using long, flowing strokes and deeper muscle kneading/

90 minute Speciality Full Body Massage - 90 minutes - $99

Full Body Deep Tissue Massage - 60 minutes - $69

If pain relief is your goal, this massage is just for you. A deeper massage to stimulate muscles and joints, relieving stiffness and pain. Massage applied to the deeper, core layers of the body often using the elbow as well as the usual thumb, finger and fist pressure. This massage helps with chronic pain and injury rehabilitation.

Scalp & Neck Massage with Aroma Therapy - 30 minutes - $49

Great for relief from tension headache and stress by loosening tight muscles around the head. Combined with the calming effects of aromatherapy.

Hand and Foot Massage - 30 minutes - $49

Relieve pain in your hands and feet with massage. Massage stimulates your body's natural pain killers to help alleviate pain signals.

1 Hour Hand and Foot Massage - 60 minutes - $69

Sports Therapy Massage - 60 minutes - $69

Cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, prevent injuries and loss of mobility, boost performace, and maintain good physical health with a massage that is customized to your need areas.

Swedish Massage - 60 minutes - $69

A collection of techniques using long flowing strokes designed to relax the muscles and mind using all natural massage lotion, candles aromatherapy. Techniques can be modified to treat injuries and muscular related problems.

30 Minute Seated Chair Massage Massage - 30 minutes - $49

No need to remove your clothes for this seated massage. Perfect if you're crunched for time. Performed on a speciality massage chair designed to cradle your head and arms allowing you to relax.

60 Minute Seated Chair Massage - 60 minutes - $69

If this is your first session with us, the following upgrades are available to you!

Hot paraffin wax treatment - $15

Warm and soothing, your hands and feet will be left feeling soft, supple, and relaxed.

Aromatherapy - $5

Relax your mind with the soothing effects of aromatherapy. Featuring Calming Lavender, Energizing, Citrus, and Mint-Eucalyptus Sinus/Headache Relief

Scalp & Foot Massage - $20

Let us know which upgrade you'd like when you come in for your appointment.

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